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An Interview with Reader Reviews

I was very happy to be interviewed by Reader Review recently and discuss "An Essential Song" with them! Here's a few excerpts: Welcome Amy and thank you for being with us today!  Why don’t you start by telling our readers a bit about your journey to becoming a published author?  One of the tools I utilized with my bereavement counselor and trauma specialist was writing. I began writing a story about my husband Leon’s death and put it aside when I met my next life partner, Ben. I picked up the story again after Ben died, then put it back in the folder. When the bereavement counselor and trauma specialist retired, I picked up the story again to bring it to fruition, so I could thank them while they’re still alive. What was your biggest challenge writing “An Essential Song?” My biggest challenge was discovering a way to tell an honest story that contains sadness without being too heavy for the reader. The idea to utilize colorful illustrations helped me cr

Bronze Winner of a Living Now Award for 2018!

“An Essential Song”, written by Amy R. Saltz and illustrated by Mike T. Cherry, has won the Bronze 2018 Living Now Award for the category of Grieving/Death & Dying. The Living Now Book Awards are designed to bring increased recognition to the year's very best lifestyle books and their creators. We all seek healthier, more fulfilling, and productive lives, and books are an important tool for gaining knowledge about how to achieve these goals for ourselves and our loved ones. Both the paperback and Kindle editions of “An Essential Song” may be found on Amazon. Paperbacks are also available at the Spirit of ’76 Bookstore and the Temple Emanu-El Judaica Shop in Marblehead, MA.