Marblehead Reporter published 10/26/2021 Marblehead author pens third book on a theme of hope and wholeness; Amy Saltz drums with a different beat. Award-winning author Amy R. Saltz of Marblehead is already the author of two books and now has a third to add to her repertoire. Pre COVID-19 pandemic Saltz wrote "An Essential Song" is an illustrated metaphorical story about love, loss, reclamation, and healing. "FINDING THE SONG: Living After Attempting Suicide" shares how the author worked towards living a full and meaningful life after being maimed by a suicide attempt. Her third book, "THE SONG ENDURES: Drumming with a Different Beat" was written during the pandemic. It deals with trauma in an effort to move from hopelessness to wholeness. Each chapter of the book is the name of a type of drum that represents the story being recounted. Saltz seeks to find a rhythm with the reader so that it might be possible to drum with the beat of life.

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