An Essential Song

An Essential Song

Written by Amy R. Saltz with Illustrations by Mike T. Cherry

A metaphorical story of love, loss, reclamation, and healing. From brokenness to togetherness then returning to brokenness, this book takes the reader on a journey through hopelessness to wholeness. Darkness and light in the forest and at the sea compose the notes of An Essential Song.

Awards for An Essential Song

2018 Living Now Bronze Award Winner for Grieving/Death & Dying

2018 Bronze Living Now Award winner

2019 Eric Hoffer Award honorable mention

2019 First Horizon Award Finalist

2019 Montaigne Medal, First Horizon Award

Eric Hoffer Winner Excellence in Independent Publishing

2019 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist

2019 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short List

Reader Reviews for An Essential Song

"Captivating and beautifully written poetry that drew me in instantly. This alluring journey is touching and will absolutely remain with you LONG after reading. Enchanting, spiritual, symbolic and thought-provoking. This story filled my heart with warmth and made me feel connected. It made me look inward and brought a tear to my eye. Illustrations were lovely and it is a story that I will surely revisit."
-K. Hartford

The author has taken something so personal, so tragic, so overwhelming and translated it into a beautiful, simple, message that anyone who is struggling with their own issues, no matter what they are, no matter how unsurmountable they appear to be, can take away a sense of hope and an opportunity for happiness in their own lives. A must read for the masses!
- B. Masullo

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