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An Essential Song

An Essential Song won some awards that boosted my confidence:

2018 Living Now Bronze Award Winner for Grieving/Death & Dying
Eric Hoffer Winner Excellence in Independent Publishing

2019 Eric Hoffer Montaigne Medal Finalist

2019 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award Finalist

2019 National Indie Excellence Award Finalist for Grief

2019 Eric Hoffer Award Honorable Mention Winner for Spiritual

2019 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Short List

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Finding The Song: Living After Attempting Suicide

This recognition gave me the courage to write FINDING THE SONG: Living After Attempting Suicide, which is the comprehensive, nonfiction version of An Essential Song.

Awards for Finding The Song: Living After Attempting Suicide

2020/2021 Reader Views Adult Nonfiction Bronze Literary Award Winner for Arts/Writing and Body/Mind/Spirit

2021 Eric Hoffer Finalist

Writer's Digest Judge’s Commentary for FINDING THE SONG: Living After Attempting Suicide: 

The author is to be commended for her courage in not only learning to value her own life, but in deciding to write her story. There were many places in the book where I felt deeply for the author as she relived what were surely very difficult memories, all for the admirable purpose of helping others. Making sure the reader is immersed in the book and connected to the author is essential here, and author handles that well through a conversational tone and a light-hearted energy. 

We soon see that light-hearted energy as a surface layer on top of pain, and we’re already connected to the author, feeling empathy for her suffering, hoping for her. Well done. Nice structuring and timing as this essential connection is formed and refined. I loved the analogy of the astronaut on a severed lifeline, just floating around. That brings great emotion of the disconnect. Some excellent phrasing, such as "I could see life going on around me, but I couldn’t find a way to be included in it." 

The author has written some fabulous emotion, perhaps helping the reader tremendously by outing confusing feelings into images and experience description. The visual of medical staff playing tic tac toe on her skin is so moving, disturbing. We feel helpless and bound as well. This is a good example of how author made a difficult memory an experience for the reader, on any scale of experiencing it. Sensory detail like the pen on the skin say a lot, and deepen the narrative. Throughout, any scene that is shared via telling what happened can be made more realistic and more moving through creating a scene with dialogue, movement, sensory details, setting and inner dialogue. I see several scenes I would have loved for author to turn into sensory experiences, such as the eating disorder clinic where setting would have allowed author to use her great talents for description. 

The story’s structure is excellent, pace flows, voice remains consistently welcoming, and reader trusts and admires the author. If possible, let the reader feel more of what the author went through. Nice job. Again, very brave of the author to share her story. It’s not easy to access difficult memories, especially when you may still be healing from them. But author has done a terrific job of crafting her story.

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The Song Endures: Drumming With a Different Beat

Awards for The Song Endures: Drumming With a Different Beat

2022 Eric Hoffer Finalist

2021/2022 Reader Views Adult Nonfiction Bronze Literary Award Winner for Arts/Music and Body/Mind/Spirit

2021 Reader Views 5 Star Review Award

An excerpt from a review of "The Song Endures"
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (11/2021)

"Saltz shares her story with us, and how she has been horribly affected because not only has she had to extend her isolation, but she also lost several family members and soulmates during this time. Not being able to say goodbye in person has made these losses even more painful. Dealing with the breakup of a partner also led to more feelings of separation. Fearing the ramifications of getting the virus has reopened trauma wounds for Saltz. Rather than allowing herself to spiral downward into a deep depression, she shares how she has reached outside of her home and still has meaningful connections. By following her story, readers can think of ways to utilize this information for themselves so that they can feel inspired to learn how to make a difference in the outside world."

"The Song Endures" is available on Amazon

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