Finding the Song

FINDING THE SONG: Living After Attempting Suicide

Written by Amy R. Saltz

FINDING THE SONG: Living After Attempting Suicide shares how the author, Amy R. Saltz, worked towards living a full and meaningful life after being maimed by a suicide attempt. This book is the comprehensive, nonfiction version of the author's award-winning metaphorical story, AN ESSENTIAL SONG. Each chapter in FINDING THE SONG mentions a song and its artist. The reader can search online for its lyrics and tune. Finding the song can be a guide to FINDING THE SONG!

Awards for Finding the Song

2020/2021 Reader Views Adult Nonfiction Bronze Literary Award Winner for Arts/Writing and Body/Mind/Spirit

2021 Eric Hoffer Finalist

Reviews for Finding the Song

5.0 out of 5 stars Profound and Inspiring!

What a tribute to hope and courage and perseverance! The author traveled a harrowing journey of pain and loss, terror and self-condemnation, only to arrive at a covenant with and appreciation for life that few are ever able to achieve. After reading it rapidly because I was so transported, I am anticipating rereading every word and rehearing every song while my own heart is filled over and over with the love and grace and triumph that Amy Saltz has found and expressed so exquisitely. Thank you, Amy, for “finding” this song and sharing its joy with such openness and remarkable insight. All who hear your song will be encouraged, if not transformed, by the awareness that such a melody is even possible in this life.

- S. Phinney

5.0 out of 5 stars This story is a gift to all who read it.

The author shares parts of her life story along with her associated vulnerable thoughts, many of which others of us may have had, but feared stating or putting in writing ourselves as they seemed too difficult to say “out loud.” Rather than exacerbating issues by suppressing these thoughts, Amy has opened herself up. She acknowledges that she gains through sharing, while we readers gain by having our similar thoughts “normalized,” thereby feeling less alone in the world and making them easier to bear. She creates added value by sharing her chosen methods of addressing unwanted thoughts and circumstances. This highlights the importance of finding meaning and purpose through her own life-lessons learned while consistently seeking healing connection through giving. How heartwarming to read about her partners as well as the three professionals who went above and beyond to truly “be” with Amy during this time. The author’s story highlights her resilience despite adversity, and is both engaging and motivating. I highly recommend it!


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